About Retix.C

Retix.C® Professional is a brand belonging to the French pharmaceutical company URGO Group, a world expert and leader in the field of the anatomy and physiology of skin. At the heart of the brand’s philosophy is the stimulation of the skin’s natural regenerative and revitalizing processes through unique, customizable protocols and treatments.

Retix.C® is a precursor in synergistic combinations of retinoids and biologically active forms of vitamin C with ingredients optimizing their action, such as growth factors TGF-β2, ferulic acid, phloretin, peptides, ceramides, and ectoine. The brand’s flagship treatment is Retibooster – an innovative retinol therapy with an antioxidant and anti inflammatory complex for natural, pro-physiological skin renewal.

The complementary range of Retix.C® preparations provides a multi-directional, personalized approach to the patient, can be used in the form of single treatments, protocols and therapies, as a supplement to aesthetic medicine treatments in the office and as home care supporting the effects of treatments.