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AOX Cell Protect 7.0

Active serum for year-round care, containing a complex of seven antioxidants AOX Cell Protect 7.0 (VITAMIN C IN 3 FORMS, FERULIC ACID, FLORETHIN, RESVERATROL, VITAMIN E). The serum provides optimal protection against harmful external factors and free radicals. It prevents premature skin aging and smoothes fine wrinkles. The unique composition of active ingredients evens out skin tone and brightens discolorations.

Poj. 30 ml


  • Very high antioxidant properties, comparable to pure Vitamins C and E, confirmed by the independent French laboratory BIO-EC*


  • Protection against the harmful effects of external factors and free radicals
  • Brighten and even skin tone
  • Hydration and renewal of the skin structure


  • VITAMIN C in 3 active forms provides multidirectional action & effects: immediate brightening, inhibition of melanogenesis, rejuvenation, aging prevention
  • FERULIC ACID protects the skin from harmful external factors, neutralizes free radicals
  • PHLORETIN enhances repair mechanisms and corrects visible signs of cellular aging
  • RESVERATROL increases cellular immunity to external factors, provides antioxidant and anti-aging effects
  • VITAMIN E inhibits the harmful effects of free radicals

*Instrumental measurements – Antioxidant activity assessment test (DPPH); BIO-EC Laboratory; study 23E6128