Complementary products for treatments


Professional mask for post-procedure care. Thanks to the use of nanofibre technology creating a 3D structure of biocellulose, it ensures very high absorption and active realase of 3 form of hyaluronic acid and ectoine - EctoHyal Complex 3.0. Biocellulose, as a material used in cosmetology and medicine for regeneration perfectly adheres to the treatment area creating the “second skin” effect.


  • Skin irritation and redness
  • Sensation of tightness and dehydration
  • Loss of skin elasticity and tone


  • ECTOHYAL COMPLEX 3.0 combines the unique properties of ECTOINE and 3 FORMS OF HYALURONIC ACID for optimal, multi-level hydration and relief of skin irritation.
  • BISABOLOL – an ingredient with very strong anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties. Accelerates the healing process, soothes irritated and sensitive skin.