A line of sterile biostimulants intended for microneedle mesotherapy treatments. The products’ rich composition, based on amino acids, peptides, and other ingredients with proven effectiveness, ensures multidirectional biorevitalizing effects.

Personalized treatment protocols based on sterile cocktails for microneedle mesotherapy



  • AMINO.NCT50 – a combination of 50 active ingredients whose joint action ensures strong skin biostimulation. The complex of 23 AMINO ACIDS stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
  • PEPTI.HYAL – a cocktail of 50 active ingredients such as BIOACTIVE PEPTIDES and HIALURONIC ACID in high concentration, whose synergistic effect provides long-lasting results in the form of intensive hydration of the skin and an immediate improvement in its density and firmness.
  • NUCLEO.CELL is a combination of NUCLEOTIDES and COENZYME Q10, it works actively at the cellular level by activating natural repair mechanisms.



  • VITAMIN C.20 – contains a high dose of stable VITAMIN C, which helps increase the effectiveness of anti-aging treatments, and also has a depigmentation and anti-discoloration effect.
  • DMAE.ORGANIC SILICON a combination of DIMETHYLAMINOETHANOL and ORGANIC SILICA. Silicon contributes to the thickening and improvement of skin firmness. DMAE is a precursor of acetylcholine that increases muscle mass, thus improving facial contours.