A unique acid-peptide cocktail for use as a mono-treatment that brightens and tightens the skin, or as a first step in the Retix.brasion™ concept to increase the effectiveness of Retibooster retinol therapy.


  • Loss of radiance and uneven skin color
  • Imperfections (enlarged pores, blackheads, discolorations)
  • Excessive sebum production
  • Preparing the skin for other treatments in the aesthetic medicine clinic


  • 100% Eliminates unhealthy, gray skin tone
  • 100% Brightens and illuminates the skin
  • 92% Tones the skin
  • 83% Eliminates discolorations

Optimally composed acid cocktail for reducing imperfections and restoring skin vitality


Main active ingredients

  • LACTIC ACID increases skin hydration by stimulating ceramides production
  • GLYCOLIC ACID – affects the keratinization process and the epidermis regeneration, evens out the skin structure
  • CITRIC ACID – brightens discolorations and increases skin elasticity.
  • ETHYLATED VITAMIN C and FERULIC ACID synergistic combination of ingredients slows down the aging process, acts antioxidative and anti-inflammatory
  • TRIPEPTIDES – increase collagen production

*Dr Koziej Institute of Cosmetics Research; Report No 2020/11/0682-1