Liposomal Retinol + BioCalm Complex

Concentrated serum with liposomal retinol 0.3% and the skin-soothing BioCalm Complex. The liposomal form of retinol accelerates skin renewal by rebuilding collagen and elastin, ensuring maximum effect with minimal irritation potential. The gradual release of the active ingredient contributes to its high effectiveness and enhances the rejuvenating effect. The serum is recommended for year-round retinol care. It prepares the skin for the retinization process.

Poj. 30 ml


  • 100% Unified skin tone*
  • 100% Improved skin elasticity*
  • 100% Smoothed fine lines and wrinkles*
  • 100% Improved skin firmness*
  • 80% Improvement of facial contours*


  • Visible signs of skin aging
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Lack of tension and elasticity


  • 0.3% LIPOSOMAL RETINOL encapsulated in liposomes, stimulates skin’s regenerative cycle, providing excellent anti-aging effects
  • BIOCALM COMPLEX a unique combination of ALOE VERA EXTRACT with (VITAMIN E) neutralizes free radicals, soothes irritation, and prevents wrinkles

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*Satisfaction level tested in the application test: 4 weeks of use, 20 people aged 35-60, with normal and sensitive skin; JARS SA Laboratory; Report no. 3867.09.2020/F/2