Professional care


15% Vitamin C + Granactive Retinoid + HA

Professional serum for daily care containing a 15% concentration of Vitamin C and a new-generation retinoid (HPR). This unique combination of active ingredients creates an energizing formula that leaves skin naturally radiant, moisturized and firm.

Poj. 30 ml


  • 100% Skin brightening and illumination*
  • 100% Unification of skin tone and brightening
  • 95% Reduction of signs of skin aging*
  • 85% Skin hydration*


  • Brighten and even skin tone
  • Lack of tension and elasticity
  • Visible signs of skin aging


  • VITAMIN C combination of 3-0-ethylated ascorbic acid and ascorbyl glucoside, a strong antioxidant, lightens discoloration, counteracts skin aging, positively improves the condition of blood vessels.
  • (HPR) A NEW GENERATION RETINOID stimulates the remodelling process of the epidermis which increases skin elasticity and firmness

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*Satisfaction level assessed in application tests: 4 weeks of use, 20 people aged 25-60, with oily, dry, combination, sensitive and vascular skin; JARS lab test, NO report. 1375.07.2020/F/1