EctoHyal Complex 4.0 + PGA

Concentrated serum that intensively moisturizes and regenerates the skin. Contains 11% EctoHyal Complex 4.0 restoring comfort to dry, very dry skin, and skin irritated by aesthetic medicine treatments. The synergistic effect of ectoine and 4 different molecular forms of hyaluronic acid provide multi-level hydration and regeneration of the skin’s hydrolipid barrier. Additionally, the content of polyglutamic acid (PGA) protects endogenous hyaluronic acid from degradation. The product improves the hydration level, elasticity, and firmness of the skin, even in cases of severely dehydrated and flaccid skin.

Poj. 30 ml


  • 100% Regenerating, tightening and firming effect**
  • +41% Increased skin hydration*
  • +28% Reduced TEWL*
  • +24% Improved skin firmness*


  • Skin care for dry and dehydrated skin
  • Regeneration of irritated skin after aesthetic medicine procedures
  • Rebuilding the damaged hydrolipidic skin barrier


  • 4 FORMS OF HYALURONIC ACIDS exhibits anti-inflamatory effects, accelerates epidermal regeneration
  • 1% ECTOINE protects protein molecules of cell membranes and reduces severity of DNA damage
  • POLYGLUTAMIC ACID (PGA) provides long-lasting hydration and elasticity of the skin

*Instrumental measurements: Cutometer, Corneometer, Tewameter, 10 days of use, Dr Koziej Research Institute; Report no. 2021.12.0811-1 **Satisfaction level tested in application studies: 4 weeks of use, 20 people aged 25-60 with dry and very dry skin, including 70% during or after treatment with slightly acidic substances – Dr Koziej Research Institute; Report no. 2021.12.0811-1