EctoComplex 2.0

This ultra-moisturizing and regenerating cream is recommended after cosmetic and aesthetic treatments and for the daily care of dehydrated and irritation-prone skin. It contains the innovative EctoComplex 2.0 – a combination of ectoine and macadamia seed oil – that regenerates and protects the skin against harmful external factors. Gluconolactone intensively moisturizes, regenerates and protects the skin against moisture loss. Lactobionic acid prevents the formation of free radicals and inhibits metalloproteinase enzymes, thereby slowing down the skin aging process.

Poj. 48 ml


  • 100% Regeneration of the skin barrier system*
  • 100% Reduced skin discomfort and dryness*
  • 90% Skin soothing*
  • 90% Reduced irritation and redness*
  • 60% Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles*


  • Skin irritated by cosmetic and aesthetic treatments
  • Dehydrated and dry skin, lacking elasticity
  • Protection against the harmful effects of external factors


  • ECTOCOMPLEX 2.0, a unique combination of ectoine and macadamia seed oil intensively regenerates and moisturizes
  • GLUCONOLACTONE natural antioxidant reduces skin’s roughness and soothing irritation
  • LACTOBIONIC ACID (PHA) stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, soothes irritation, regenerates the skin

*Satisfaction level tested in application tests: 2 weeks of use, 20 people aged 22-71 after a cosmetic/aesthetic treatment – Dr Koziej Research Institute; report NO. 2020/02/0080-3