Transforming Growth Factors & Ceramides

A specialized skin structure regenerating cream containing plant-TGF β2 growth factor, a biomimetic peptide complex, and ceramides. The product supports the effects of retinol treatments while simultaneously strengthening the hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis. Additionally, the combination of signaling and transporting peptides provides a rejuvenating effect, and visible smoothing and firming.

Poj. 48 ml


  • 100% Improved overall appearance and condition of the skin*
  • 100% Moisturized skin*
  • 80% Firmer skin*
  • 60% Reduction of signs of skin aging*
  • 60% Younger looking skin*


  • Skin treated with retinol treatments
  • Visible signs of skin aging
  • Enhancement of the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier


  • PLANT TGF-β2 GROWTH FACTOR provides firming and elasticity of the skin and smooths its structure
  • CERAMIDE COMPLEX counteracts skin aging resulting from external factors, water loss and lack of hydration.
  • BIOMIMETIC SIGNAL and TRANSPORT PEPTIDES provide anti-wrinkle action.
  • VITAMIN C immediately brightens, inhibits melanogenesis, rejuvenates, and prevents aging

*Satisfaction level examined in application studies, Dr. Nowaczyk, Research and Innovation Center T=1M, N=15; Report no. 0023-AP/A/02/22